Caravan Owners

Why PAT Testing?

As a caravan owner you have a legal obligation to ensure that any electrical appliance in your holiday home with the potential to cause injury is kept in a safe condition for your visitors to use. The recommended way is to ensure you carryout  regular Inspection and Testing. 


Firstly you should conduct regular visual inspections of your appliances, or if you live a good distance from your holiday home, ensure someone is given responsibility for this task. This should include

  • c hecking that all appliances are intact with no broken casings exposing live parts,

  • checking that the cable is not split and that the coloured cores are not exposed or just covered by electrical tape

  • checking that the plug is not broken

  • the appliance works as it should

  • Remember that not all faults will be visible. 


The second is to have them PAT Tested at regular intervals, whilst there is no legal requirement for you to undertake Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), it is good practice and will help to demonstrate a general duty of care if these checks are carried out in conjunction with regular visual checks. It will highlight all those issues that the Inspection can't such as an unsafe earth bond.


Also if a visitor or whoever is carrying out your Inspection and testing reports a potential fault with an electrical appliance ensure it is removed from the holiday home until such time that it can be examined by a professional, or replaced as required.

Our caravan PAT Testing service costs £25 per caravan and includes the following:

- Testing of ALL Portable Appliances including extension leads. NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES
- 'Peace of mind' testing on any NEW appliances bought within 6 months of initial testing.
- Replacement Fuses/Replacement Plugs
- Minor Repairs
- Comprehensive Report of findings including Certificate to display to guests in caravan.

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Be Safe, Be Smart